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 I was planning to visit the butterfly conservatory today, but I backed into the garage doorway and broke my sideview mirror as I was leaving.

Yeah, if there's a better karmic indicator that you shouldn't go out today, I'd like to hear it. Still, the mirror itself was intact, so me being me, I decided, "What the hell, I can salvage this." So I reattached the mirror with packing tape. It wasn't until I had gotten back in the car that I realized I had reattached it at far too wide an angle to be able to actually see anything. But it's only the passenger side mirror, so I'll be fine, right? LOLOL no.

What I neglected to mention in the first sentence is that I've only been to the butterfly conservatory three times. I have no idea how to drive there. The only directional aids I had were a Google Maps printout. It told me to turn from Hampden Street onto Northampton Street. There is no sign on Hampden Street that says "Northampton Street." If Northampton Street DOES in fact intersect Hampden Street, they've hidden it damn well. To complicate matters it's raining mountain lions and wolves (which, on the bright side, at least means the mirror isn't so much of a problem since I can't see anything anyway) and my car keeps making this funny noise. Fuck it, I'm smart enough to know I'm not going to South Deerfield in this state. I'll turn around and go to the library. Unfortunately it takes me fifteen minutes to figure out HOW to turn around so I can go to the library, but I manage.
On the way to the library I run over a pothole so large that it injures my shoulder.
Thank you, life, that will be all from you today. I need a fucking drink.
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 I've been noticing that an increasing source of debate around the Interwebs centers around what I find to be an incredibly stupid issue: whether or not to have kids. No, not whether some person in particular should have kids, but whether anyone should ever have kids. This vexes me because the people on both sides of it are, quite frankly, maniacs.

Why Fanatics Are Stupid )
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So the left side of my jaw has been feeling really stiff for the past few days. Last night I looked at the back of my mouth, and I can see at least one of my wisdom teeth on that side trying to erupt.

In other words, I grew a tooth and didn't notice.

WTF, mouth.
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While watching Digimon:

"You gotta ship the kids with their little monster things."

No. Just no. What the FUCK is wrong with you for even thinking that. The protagonists of Digimon are between 6 and 11, for starters, so even if you were shipping them with each other you'd be a disgusting fucking pedophile. Throwing the actual Digimon into it just makes it... I don't know whether you can even call it bestiality because they're not animals, they're "digital monsters." It's something that should not come into the mind of any normal person, is what it is. Literally, if you ship any of the Digidestined with their Digimon, you are a fucking revolting human being and I want nothing to do with you. I don't even want you near me, you sick fuck. The fact that you think anyone wants you here just boggles my mind. We don't. We're just too nice to actually evict you because the administration already doesn't like us.

Between that and your near-CONSTANT screaming about yaoi, you are making me consider leaving Bellatrix. Good job, you disgusting twat.
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Okay, seriously? You're already the worst student in this class. Your final project is due next week, and you've done next to no work on it. Some of the others are almost done. DO. YOUR. WORK.

But if you insist on not doing your work, could you at least not be so obvious about it? Watching horror movie reviews during lab time is insulting to the professor and annoying to the rest of us. If the prof weren't such a sweetheart you'd have been kicked out ages ago.
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I had a dream about Enrico Maxwell.

I don't remember what it was about, or anything, just that he was in it.



Apr. 23rd, 2010 09:07 am
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It's always an auspicious start to my day when I can't concentrate because someone is watching anime loudly in the computer lab.
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I don't think I've ever thrown up so much in my life as I did yesterday.

I'm gonna lie here on the couch until I feel better.


Feb. 20th, 2010 01:58 pm
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My mother completely ruined my father's iPod and I can't do anything about it without being there physically.


A haiku:

Jan. 24th, 2010 01:44 pm
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bleeding from inside
stupid crampy uterus
ow ow ow ow ow


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